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Graham : I’ve never understood the thing that Morgan Freeman said to you.                                                      

Jonah : Oh, so this was about 10 years ago, I did a film with Morgan Freeman, a really small film, and the first ten minutes of the film are just us driving together in a car, and talking, and it took three days to shoot and he didn’t talk to me the entire time. Like, in between takes, right ? Cause he had so much dialogue to learn, right ? So in between we wouldn’t really chat, but we were in a car together for three days…

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she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

she’s cheer captain and I respect her right to wear whatever she wants and participate in traditionally ‘feminine’ activities because I understand that life is not about condemning another woman’s personal choices just because she doesn’t ‘deserve’ the boy i have a crush on

that’s incorrect, the correct lyrics are “and I’m on the bleachers”

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you know how in the unicorn and the wasp Donna says ‘spiffing’ and ‘topping’ excessively and the Doctor’s like ‘stop that’

what if in the future they come back to the 2010s and the companion keeps saying ‘omg’ ‘yolo’ ‘swag’ ‘lol’

I already wanted an Earth companion from a non-contemporary time period. Now I specifically want one from the future so this can happen.

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Anonymous asked: I know we'll never get it, but I'm dying to know what Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and David Tennant honestly thought of the 50th and the direction the show is going.


I’m more curious about RTD because I think he’s the person most likely to have put this level of thought into it. I can see on one hand that maybe RTD is like “well, it’s not my show anymore so w/e”, but I also find it difficult to believe that since the Time War was such a crucial part of his story and sort of was his baby, I find it hard to imagine he could listen to Steven Moffat be like “LOL AS IF” and not feel slighted or insulted.

Billie can barely remember what happened on Doctor Who in the time she was on the show lmao and I suspect Eccleston has moved on too and David Tennant, like… — well IDK maybe he thought about it, but I think it is also likely that the idea of getting to be in the 50th anniversary and stuff was more personally exciting for him than the worry about the plot ramifications.

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Here are three elements we often see in town names:

If a town ends in “-by”, it was originally a farmstead or a small village where some of the Viking invaders settled. The first part of the name sometimes referred to the person who owned the farm - Grimsby was “Grim’s village”. Derby was “a village where deer were found”. The word “by” still means “town” in Danish.

If a town ends in “-ing”, it tells us about the people who lived there. Reading means “The people of Reada”, in other words “Reada’s family or tribe”. We don’t know who Reada was, but his name means “red one”, so he probably had red hair.

If a town ends in “-caster” or “-chester”, it was originally a Roman fort or town. The word comes from a Latin words “castra”, meaning a camp or fortification. The first part of the name is usually the name of the locality where the fort was built. So Lancaster, for example, is “the Roman fort on the River Lune”.

A Little Book of Language by David Crystal, page 173. (via linguaphilioist)


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Don’t misunderstand me, I’m all excited about Frozen being in OUAT, but, I think it’s not something the show need to be attractive, I think the show is starting to lose itself with too many characters, too many fairytales, what I want to see is how the characters are living together with all their differences and hatred, how they live as a population of Storybrooke, how they make it work, I miss the way the show was in season one - with an actual storyline and life in Storybrooke, I want to see Emma being the sheriff, I want to see Charming and Hook being the deputies, I want to see Emma trying to go shopping with her boyfriend. I want to see a Christmas dinner with everyone. 

I miss domesticity in OUAT, 

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Anonymous asked: meta on Love & Monsters?


i really like Love and Monsters, it’s a really fun episode and the inclusion of one possible allusion to oral sex that went over my head until i read about it online literally a year or two ago, doesn’t and shouldn’t ruin it.

As a kid, the montage of Elton being present at all the alien invasions was so clever to me. I think all the members of LINDA are sweet and funny and relatable. i love how the episode is a love letter to the fandom, and how it shows people who met because of the doctor, became friends and had fun together all because of him. i love them all investigating him, and looking through all this evidence of him and discussing what he is and what he means etc. and how it’s an outsider’s perspective to the main story.

I love Jackie’s characterisation, she’s as hilarious as always, and it’s so heartbreaking how she’s left behind, but it’s so amazing when she stands up to Elton and tells him to shove it because she will protect her daughter AND the doctor until her last breath and she will never let them down. I love how Rose will get a call from her mum and find out she’s upset and she will stop whatever she’s doing to come and tear you a new one for daring to mess with the Tyler clan.

I honestly don’t understand the beef with the monster. It was designed by a small child and if you’re offended by cheesy alien outfits then this isn’t the show for you tbqh.

I also love the quote at the end about life being so much more than just what we’re told as kids, how it’s so much stranger and so much better etc.

EDIT: also the YOU SAID BLUE! I SAID NOT BLUE! scene is hilarious and adorable

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