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Doge was just a reincarnation of Lolcats. Peasant was a reincarnation of n00b. Screwing up emoticons is essentially just newfag can’t triforce again. Memes are cyclical. The resurrection of Rickrolling coincided with the resurrection of other old memes like ironically liking Shrek. The return of old memes is merely part of the natural evolution, until one day the master meme will rise from the shadows.

and then all your base will belong to him

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I just finished watching a few episodes of Doctor Who with my parents. Afterward my dad was googling Moffat for some reason (these were Davies episodes but I guess my dad was just curious about Moffat) and he came across an article called “In Defense of Steven Moffat.” There might already be posts about this article floating around but I’ve got to make my own. It’s like Doctor Who argument I hate in one article. (I spent a few minutes making sure it was absolutely serious like I always do when want to argue with something, not because I don’t think anyone would make these arguments in earnest, but because Poe’s Law strikes fear into my heart. I’m confident now, though.) Here are some highlights:

  • "Taken individually, many of the points they [critics] make are good ones, but in trying to say that Moffat has hurt the show as a whole, they seem to forget how many awful moments there were during the Davies era. The worst, worst, worst of Doctor Who came under Davies.” He goes on to talk about, you guessed it, the Slitheen and Love and Monsters, as well as Fear Her. Yes, the retconning, misogyny, and gleeful genocide (to name a few problems) of Moffat’s era pale in comparison to a few stupid monsters and throwaway lines from RTD’s era. Also, this sounds like “why do you focus on Moffat when [thing] happened pre-Moffat?”
  • "By contrast, nearly every great episode from the Davies era was written by Moffat." False. (Although I do agree that Moffat has come up with some great ideas.)
  • Even the weakest episodes of his tenure have had great moments." And the weakest episodes of Davies’s tenure didn’t?
  • "Davies created impossible situations then easily resolved them with a magical button press, a flurry of techno-babble, or the gauzy power of love." It’s mainly the reference to "a magical button press" that really gets me about this statement. Are you sure you’re talking about Davies, Daniel Walters? Also, I don’t even know what "the gauzy power of love refers to."
  • He concedes that Moffat’s writing can be sexist. “But Moffat’s writing of his companions, flirtatious and prone to sexually-charged banter, seem far less sexist than Davies’ writing of Rose Tyler, the companion who spent much of her time desperately mooning over the doctor.” A woman? In love? With a man? Never mind that she retains her personality, strength, and capability. RTD=the antichrist of feminism!

Yeah, those were the main places where I went “oh nope.” If Daniel Walters loves watching the Moffat Era, good for him. I’m not saying he’s objectively wrong. It’s just that oh man do I ever think he’s wrong.

(btw there’s a lot I like about the Moffat era, I don’t even always agree with the criticisms of it that I see, but I do think the show has gone downhill and I think this writer is giving Moffat way too much credit AND being way too harsh on RTD.)

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