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So I’m rewatching The Fires of Pompeii and in the prophecy scene, Lucius Petrus Dextrus says: “Man from Gallifrey. The strangest of images. Your home is lost in fire, is it not? And you, daughter of London. This is the gift of Pompeii. Every single oracle tells the truth.”

It’s bad enough that after the 50th we’re supposed to believe that the Doctor has these oddly specific false memories of watching Gallifrey burn, but how did those false images get into someone else’s head? The head of a soothsayer who supposedly only makes true prophecies?

I guess this would be evidence that in the 50th the Doctor changed his past. No one seems to know for sure if that’s how we were supposed to interpret the episode. Ugh, I’m just frustrated. Also the image of “burning” created a nice parallel between this episode and the Time War and now I’m thinking about how the Doctor let most of these people burn but not his own people and blehhh I’m just so frustrated.

On the plus side, the Doctor and Donna addressing each other as “Spartacus” and the Celtic running joke still make me laugh. And I love Caecilius’s family just as much as I remembered. This episode is still just fantastic.

#that’s the problem with doing ‘everybody lives’ every single time#real life is not like that#no time travel magic could save those pompeiians#and it’s so gross how the father was saved with time travel magic in ‘the doctor the widow and the wardrobe’#considering how close to home that storyline must have hit for so many viewers#especially at christmas#death and loss has been dealt with in a irresponsible and insensitive way in moffat era (surfingwavefunctions)

I never really liked that episode, but that’s something I didn’t think of. Saving one Pompeian family is one thing because it’s an event that is far out of living memory, but World War II is not out of living memory.

It’s just amazing how often Moffat undermines himself. He wrote the line “Just this once, everybody lives!” Since then, he’s cheapened it by neglecting to treat death and loss sensitively.

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I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again.

The moment, the exact moment you start using logic to go over the thing you just watched instead of letting your emotions cloud your judgment is the exact freaking moment anything Steven Moffat has ever written falls apart.


I’m hardly fond of Moffat as a showrunner, but I don’t agree with everything on this list:

  • Why James Moriarty is alive

We don’t actually know yet whether he is alive.

  • Why Amy Pond was wiped from existence just because she wasn’t young and ‘pretty’ anymore

Are you talking about in-universe or out-of-universe? Because in-universe, I believe, only one Amy could survive, and Old Amy had not had a happy life and she wanted to give Young Amy a chance to have a happy life. I would need to watch the episode again and think about it for a while to figure out the out-of-universe motivations for the events in that episode. I just feel like this is an oversimplification. She wasn’t wiped from existence just because she wasn’t young and pretty anymore.

  • Why asexuals are “boring”

That’s not really what he said. He said, speaking specifically about Sherlock, that making him someone who abstains would be more interesting than making him asexual. I’m not even saying anyone is wrong to be offended but at least keep the context in mind.

  • How Sherlock survived the fall

I wish the show had made this clearer, but I believe we’re supposed to take the account Sherlock gives to Anderson as the truth.

  • Why Molly Hooper has literally no personality at all
  • Why Amy Pond has literally no personality at all

I don’t agree with either of these, ESPECIALLY Amy. Amy is imaginative, dreamy, easily excited, restless, curious, confident, and fun. These traits are all consistent, I think. I’m surprised you didn’t list Clara—she’s the one who does not have a consistent personality.

  • Why we don’t know anything about Amy, Rory, or Clara’s family

We do know Rory’s dad. And we know a bit about Clara’s family history and her relationship with her mom.

  • Why the Doctor was making cannibal puns

I don’t see a problem with this. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. (… DID I JUST MAKE AN UNINTENTIONAL CANNIBAL PUN yes I believe I did)

  • Why the Doctor is making up words because he doesn’t want to dumb things down when he’s completely aware of how intelligent Rose and Mickey are

I don’t understand this one. He doesn’t want to dumb things down, yet he should have no problem dumbing things down because he knows how intelligent Rose and Mickey are? I don’t get it. He didn’t want to say “magic door” because it would make him feel unsophisticated, that’s all.

I forgot that when I first watches series two, I was expected the plot with the spaceship to come up again, but no, it was never explained.

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spookyknight asked: I like to think of the parallel universes out there that have never heard of the Doctor or the Oncoming Storm, but have their own tales about the valiant Bad Wolf that mysteriously appeared, saved the world, and vanished just as suddenly as she appeared. A true story handed down over generations, until fact becomes legend and legend becomes myth (There's a fic in there, someday... but for now, it's a headcanon at least :)


I am absolutely in love with that headcanon! Ahhh seriously I cannot get over how great of an idea that is!

come talk bad wolf/rose with me!

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Anonymous asked: Do you think the Doctor ever feels jealous of Tentoo? I think he might. Because, it's basically another version of him, and the clone ended up getting the girl. I know he wants Rose to be happy, but just thinking about Tentoo and Rose together probably makes him a little sad, like he wishes that could be Tentoo.


Oh I have no doubt that the Time Lord Doctor is jealous of Tentoo, as well as being extremely sad that he’s not Tentoo. Especially when you look at his face in that last Bad Wolf Bay scene:

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but wow patti lupone has a point it must be fucking awesome playing fantine

you go onstage at the start, sing one of the most iconic songs in musical theatre history, die and then chill out for two hours, bow, and get paid.

The only downside to playing Fantine is that, since she gets her hair cut, you’ll probably have to wear a wig at least part of the time. And that’s only a downside if you hate wigs as much as I do.

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