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Anonymous asked: I will never get this bizarre hatred of Rose. Their criticisms don't make sense and completely ignore established canon. It's not even subjective, most of their weird blind hate. It's just plain wrong factually. I just??? it's like they must find reasons to hate her so that they can justify their positive opinion of other companions. Only they don't have to. None of the companions need to be pitted against each other damnit.


'it's like they must find reasons to hate her so that they can justify their positive opinion of other companions' yep. seriously, u don't have to put others down in order to defend your faves! talk about what makes them good.

it’s nigh impossible to find a martha defence post which doesn’t make jibes about rose, or a donna one which doesn’t allude to all the others being lovesick, or a clara one stating that everyone else is less independent because they live with the person they’re travelling with, or a romana/river one which says all the human companions are inferior and like pets to the doctor

this fandom is so weird about companions, i’ve never seen anything else like it, like the intensity of making up things out of thin air, and ‘armies’ being amassed to hate on particular ones

were he real the doctor would launch you into the sun if you said any of this nonsense about his friends to his face, lets be honest

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Deep Breath (Not Moffat Friendly But Much Love For Jenna and Peter)


For a year I’ve been looking forward to Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Doctor. I haven’t seen him in much (Torchwood, Fires of Pompeii and Skins. It’s a short list) but his performance in Children of Earth was pretty much flawless and the promise of a darker Doctor made me happy. That said I didn’t have high expectations for the season 8 premiere. And now I’ve watched it and here are my dot points of what I liked, what I didn’t and what made me literally swear at the TV.

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Casual reminder that Fantine CHOSE to…

  • sell her hair,
  • sell her teeth,
  • and ultimately, to become a prostitute.

She also took a lover (who abused her) and did any odd jobs she could find to support both herself and Cosette.

She was modest and sweet and pretty, but she was also

Are you for real?

lets explain a thing.

In the time period that Les Mis is set in, sex work wasn’t the sort of thing one entered into because they had an alternative.

There were courtesans, who were generally educated (and also generally married), but they were the few and blessed, and even they tended to die in poverty.

But a woman like Fantine? She wouldn’t have had many options. Firstly, she sells her hair. Now, since long hair was a sign of status, and women weren’t exactly rocking the pixie in 1800s France, this was a pretty clear marker of a woman in some pretty severe economic straights. It’s unlikely that, having cut her hair, Fantine would be able to secure legitimate and reputable employment until it had grown out, which could take upwards of three years during which she would instantly be recognized as untouchable.

Then she sells her teeth. Now, missing teeth wasn’t AS unusual in 1800s France as it is today, but it was still something to be remarked upon, especially in a young woman. That’s another social marker, and a visible one at that. Once she’s sold those, they’re a permanent sign of her debasement. She’s literally been reduced to what would have been known then as “desperate circumstances”.

Lastly, she sells her body. She sells it to sailors at the docks, and as any basic knowledge of prostitution (in either a historical OR modern context) demonstrates, outside survival sex workers in industrial areas tend to have the highest rates of disease, STI’s, assaults, abuse and mortality. Even as recently as 2006, Vancouver’s Downtown East Side experienced a serial killer preying on women who were in that exact position. He claims to have killed 49, and was hunted for almost ten years before he was caught.

Fantine is a fictional counterpart, but the social structures are the same. Fantine may have “chosen” to sell what little she still possessed, but it wasn’t a choice she made freely, any more than someone who jumps from a high floor of a burning building can be said to be suicidal, or that a sweatshop worker making pennies a day while working 18 hours in abominable conditions can be described as an “employee”.

Fantine demonstrates a LACK of agency, because there were literally no other options left.

That’s the entire point of her arc, the entire commentary Hugo was trying to make about how “immoral” actions weren’t sinful if done for ethical reasons (“sex out of wedlock is a sin, BUT Fantine did it for a good reason so she reappears as an angel to guide Valjean to heaven”).

I don’t understand how someone can know the story of Les Mis and not understand how little choice she had. That’s not a misunderstanding, that’s willful ignorance. I feel like the words “she chose to do it” are often followed by a silent but implied “therefor it’s no one else’s responsibility to help her.” Which completely and entirely misses the point of Valjean’s arc.

And let’s not forget that the reason serial killers can often get away with killing prostitutes for so long, is that the criminal justice system rarely prioritizes the murders of prostitutes. The attitude that no one is obligated to help sex workers “because they chose this life” is what makes it so easy for monsters like Robert Pickton to stay hidden. This is why the “choice/agency” narrative is so harmful. It encourages victim blaming.

The original post says: “She was forced into these choices by her society’s values (which is bad enough), but not directly by any one person or group of people.” So because no one person or group of people forced her to do it, it was a free choice… even though she was also “forced into these choices by society’s values?” How does that make any sense? If she was forced into it by anything it wasn’t a free choice. Why does she need to have agency, anyway? There’s nothing wrong with being a victim.

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Anonymous asked: Am i an arse for not liking rory just because i couldnt feel his character? Like i just couldnt get into him and his arc and his comic relief. Nothing against Arthur though hes lovely, i just never bonded with rory and therefor he enjoyed me a lot.


I mean sometimes you just don’t like a character and that’s fine. When I start to go “hmmm” is when people try to spin Rory into something he isn’t, usually by presenting him as this horrible controlling evil Nice Guy figure in Amy’s life when that… is… so not the relationship Amy and Rory had. There are criticisms you can make of Amy/Rory in general but to put all the blame on Rory is always very “??????” to me. Like some people act as if Rory has no right to be upset that his fiance/wife tried to have sex with another man before their wedding, or to expect that his wife… loves him… etc. (Which actually ties into what I think is a weird attitude towards infidelity in certain parts of internet feminism, but anyhoo.)

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Please don’t tell girls “The boy who’s picking on you actually just likes you”

Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t teach girls to respect that sort of affection.

And you should definitely not teach boys that expressing their attraction to women through violence and disrespect is ok.


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oodlyenough asked: lol for real fuck steven moffat & fuck everyone in the fandom who refuses to understand or fathom why other people might not appreciate some of the most meaningful/poignant/emotionally charged scenes in the first 7 years of new who being emotionally gutted for the sake of an emotionally redundant retcon



i f k r.


'fear me, i've killed hundreds of time lords'

'fear me, i put them all in a ziploc bag to thaw later’

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Coal Hill School teachers being adorable.


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